Ampsy for Live Concerts & Festivals

The sweet sound of
audience insights.

Whether you’re putting on a music festival or managing a multi-city concert tour, Ampsy can help you identify key influencers for pre-event ticket sales and evaluate all of your event‘s experience analytics. 


Not just the roar of the crowd.

Know who your audience is, how they feel about different parts of your event, and most importantly, genuinely interact with them.

  • Pre-event marketing
  • Rich experience analytics
  • In-depth fan insights
  • Real-time fan activations

Pre-event marketing.

One of the biggest challenges of any live event is pre-event marketing and ticket sales. With Ampsy, you can discover and leverage local social influencers to share your event, even rewarding them for direct ticket sales.


Rich experience analytics.

Know exactly how your audience feels about different aspects of your event from individual performances to the little things such as parking or concessions. Simply filter by any keyword to get a realistic understanding of what’s going on.

In-depth fan insights.

There are no more engaged fans than the ones attending your event. Easily surface super fans based on activity and reach. Dig even deeper and learn more about a fans motivations and interests with personality and visual insights powered by IBM Watson.


Real-time fan activation.

With a list of high value fans at your fingertips, cultivate long-term relationships through authentic conversation. Send direct messages or leave comments on shared social content to show your gratitude for participating. Continue to show your appreciation with reward based calls to action.

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