TechAZ: Metro Phoenix companies Ampsy and bluemedia announce strategic partnership

Social content and capture company Ampsy recently announced its strategic partnership with bluemedia, a Tempe business that creates stunning signs for some of the world’s largest events.

Ampsy is best known for its ability to place a geo-fence around an area, then analyze social content shared within that space. This allows brands to measure the level of conversation surrounding their products or services at any given time, and in any given place. With Ampsy, businesses can build a better understanding of the way customers interact with their commodities in the real world, then adjust their marketing efforts accordingly.

Ampsy doesn’t just cover businesses, however. This leading platform for hyperlocal social media aggregation has powered campaigns for some of the best-known artists and personalities in the world, including Jimmy Kimmel, Britney Spears, and the band AC/DC. Now, through its partnership with bluemedia, Ampsy will take on the worlds of professional sports and entertainment.

bluemedia has tackled some of the biggest and most-viewed signage projects in the world, including those of the Super Bowl, MLB All-Star Game, VISA World Cup, NFL Kickoff, and more. The company is in charge of the design, printing, fabrication, and installation of each event’s signage down to the last minute detail. But what do signs have to do with social content aggregation?

“We’re focused on delivering the best experience possible for our clients and their customers,” said Darren Wilson, President of bluemedia, in a company statement. “With Ampsy’s proprietary technology, we can help our customers understand what their fans want and how to better mold the guest experience.”

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Paige Soucie

Community Director at Ampsy. Lover of all things travel and fitness. On a mission to help businesses engage and activate customers.

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