Hyperlocal Social Listening

Capture social insights around your most engaged audience at a specific location.

80% of social content shared at events and brand destinations is lost due to missing hashtags, social handles, and keywords. That's where we come in...

Capture content in under 60 seconds.

In a just few clicks, you can draw a virtual fence around a physical area and instantly start capturing your audience's publicly-shared social content.

  • Measure overall sentiment of your brand or event
  • Identify live or pre-event social influencers
  • Surface trending topics at your location

Sourced from the top social networks.

Tapping into the world’s most popular, location-enabled, social networks, you can capture a full-array of content types including text, photos, and videos. Having access to such a full-breadth of networks allows you to see the full picture.

No #hashtags required.

During the excitement of an event, misspelled or forgotten hashtags leave valuable content lost in the social media abyss. As a location-centric platform, Ampsy ensures you capture the content you earned, with or without a hashtag.