Know your audience like never before.

Ampsy is the leading location-centric, experience analytics platform. Our cloud-based software empowers businesses to gain real-time audience insights from specific geographic areas.

Information is power, but
knowing is nirvana.

Using our proprietary geo-fencing technology, we isolate and capture publicly shared social content with no hashtags required, gaining an in-depth understanding of potential fans and customers.

Experience Analytics

Do more with your data leveraging actionable analytics and key audience insights.

Audience Activations

Directly interact with who and what’s influencing the conversation.

Actionable hyperlocal analytics and insights.

Understand overall experience sentiment. Discover your most engaged fans and influencers. Pinpoint what networks contain the most on-brand user generated content. Find the content that is generating the most buzz with widest reach. See what motivates your audience with in-depth personality and visual insights


Audience activation.

Discover Their Interests Directly Connect With Them

Explore their values, needs, and desires to learn how to provide an optimal experience. See what experiences are most important to your audience to help optimize marketing outreach. Acknowledgement and appreciation goes a long way. Reach out directly and give thanks.


household names.

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