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Social Content, Amplified.

Real-time, hyperlocal social content capture, display, and analytics.

Through our proprietary geo-fencing engine, we’re able to capture, display, and analyze social content shared anywhere in the world in real-time, giving our clients deep insights into the content and people driving the social conversation around their brands.

Powering Household Names: We take pride in amplifying brands, events and destinations.

No #Hashtags Required

80% of all shared social content is lost in the social feeds abyss due to missing or misspelled hashtags.

With our proprietary geo-fencing technology, we can define radial or polygon boundaries on a map and capture non-hashtagged social content from multiple social platforms.

Customizable Displays

Web ∙ Mobile ∙ Large Screens

Centralize your social content with stunning large screen visualizations and online with simple iframe embedding or API-driven content display.

Actionable Analytics

Go beyond the likes and comments with an in-depth understanding of your audience’s overall experience sentiment plus personality and visual insights.

Discover your most engaged fans and influencers.

Pinpoint what networks contain the most on-brand user generated content.

Find the content that is generating the most buzz with widest reach.

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