SportTechie: Ampsy Helps Sports Teams Gain Insights Into Audiences Using Social Geofencing

Social media has become an invaluable resource for all industries. Whether it be music and entertainment, hospitality, restaurants and sports, brands want and need to know what people are saying about their products. That’s where Ampsy comes in. The company provides hyper-local content aggregation and analytics for brands, agencies, venues and teams.

Ampsy first started in the music and entertainment industry providing analytics for artists like Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC as well as TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and American Idol. It has now expanded heavily into sports and will soon announce partnerships with multiple professional teams.

The content aggregation is done using Ampsy’s proprietary geofencing technology. Founder and CEO Jeremy Gocke described the tool as a “do-it-yourself wizard.”

“The brand, team or venue can literally draw a virtual boundary around their venue or location and set some start and stop parameters,” Gocke said. “Once our system has those parameters it starts going out and pinging Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. while pulling in content that sits within those boundaries.”

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Paige Soucie

Community Director at Ampsy. Lover of all things travel and fitness. On a mission to help businesses engage and activate customers.

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