AZ Tech Beat: Amplify Your Social Media with Ampsy, Expands to Scottsdale

The Los-Angeles-based company was a Top 8 finalist at the 2014 SXSW Accelerator Competition and named one of the 20 Most Interesting Technologies by IPG Media Labs. They serve over 20,000 customers including famous artists and brands such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tiesto, Zac Brown Band, KISS and 7UP.

“We actually built this product to address a pain point we had in a previous venture. Being in the live entertainment and sports industry, we inherited a portfolio of about 100 brands and responsible for pushing out content and social media marketing for those brands. We needed a better way to increase engagement,” Gocke said

While there are other social media aggregation tools on the market such as Livefyre and Rebel Mouse, founder and CEO Jeremy Gocke said the magic behind Ampsy is the DIY user-friendly interface, the ability to moderate all content and manage multiple brands from one platform, features that allow users to launch a full-blown social media campaign in 60 seconds and affordability.

The suite of Ampsy tools include a Social Page wizard that pulls engagement from multiple social media feeds into one display.

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Paige Soucie

Community Director at Ampsy. Lover of all things travel and fitness. On a mission to help businesses engage and activate customers.

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