Drive customer action like never before.

Finally know how to best engage and activate your audience through real-time, hyperlocal social media insights.

Turn scattered social data into opportunity.

As attention spans shorten, getting a customer to notice you at just the right moment is more important than ever. Ampsy ends the guessing game by providing the industry's most robust hyperlocal monitoring, analytics and engagement tools.


Increase the quality of online conversations with potential high value customers.

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Display dynamic social and emotional activity shared by customers in real-time.

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Use gathered data insights to visually display customer trends and activity.

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The ability to truly understand your audience is invaluable, no matter the industry. Tourism, sporting events and concerts are just a few of the big industries that have already discovered how Ampsy revolutionizes the approach to customer metrics and engagement.

As Ampsy evolves, we gather mass amounts of data and experience learnings. We want to share these findings so that businesses can take their marketing, audience engagement and activation to the next level.

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