Insights with Caitlin: Social Media Innovation Through the Years | Ep. 04 [Podcast]

Caitlin didn’t know anyone in Phoenix when she moved here for an internship after college. But, that didn’t deter her. Her father had ingrained the idea into her that “nothing good happens in your comfort zone,” at a young age. This approach to life motivated her as she started her new job in Downtown Phoenix in the summer of 2013.

After her summer internship, Caitlin was offered a full-time role with the company and hasn’t looked back. She’s embraced every opportunity that has come her way. She dove in head-first into the startup world and soon found a groove within the community.

Today, she co-manages the social media for #yesphx, is the City Director for the Phoenix chapter of House of Genius on top of her full time job as the Marketing Communications Manager at Risas Dental and Braces.

She talks about her love of social media and some of the different platforms, strategies and tactics she’s employed over the years. This includes running a Twitter chat during her earlier days to now working with micro influencers to activate local patients for Risas Dental and Braces. She also shares some of the unique challenges around managing and building out social media for Risas Dental and Braces, a high-growth company in the healthcare industry.

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To learn more about the many innovative ways Caitlin has used social media through the years, listen to the full episode.


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