Insights with Mike: Defining the Role of CDO | Ep. 01 [Podcast]

We had a chance to sit down with our very own Mike Alonzo for our first episode of Insights with Ampsy. Safe to say, he’s had quite the mixed bag in terms of a career.

Before joining Amspy two years ago, he shares his story of graduating from Art Institute of Phoenix, his first bigwig job that came with his own scooter, trying his hand at being a photographer, publishing an indie magazine called PROVOKE, making the ranks through GoDaddy to discover his passion for user experience and then trying his hand at entrepreneurship again before pivoting to run an agency in Scottsdale.

Mike goes on to explain how each of these experiences taught him lessons and prepared him to dive into his current role of VP of Product for Ampsy. When he gets home, he also plays the role of CDO, Chief Do Whatever He’s Told Officer, for his wife’s company Briabay.

Mike shares he and his wife’s journey to get to where they are today, consistently increasing sales month over month, with a booming social presence and tremendous thought leadership in the mommy blogger space. “It pains me to say it, but I think we’ve learned who’s the real entrepreneur in the family,” he says. We go on to discuss different methods for engaging influencers as well as ways that influencers partner to promote each other.

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To learn more about Mike’s journey and how influencer marketing grew Briabay, listen to the full episode.

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