Insights with Samantha: From Local to Global Influencer Marketing | Ep. 02 [Podcast]

We love to work with other local startups, which is why it was great to have Samantha Ley as our second guest on Insights with Ampsy. Samantha is the Director of Client Development at Find Your Influence (FYI), a local startup leading the charge in the world of influencer marketing platforms and managed services.

Samantha discovered the art of influencer marketing while working at Marriott as a Property Sales Manager. She shares the incredibly innovative, but time consuming, approach to scouring YouTube to identify, engage and work with influencers to promote and share their properties.

A few years later she crossed paths with the founders of FYI who shared their idea for the platform. She then had a, “why didn’t I think of that?” moment. That was almost three years ago. Since then the company has jumped from six to 34 employees with a global presence and clientbase.

One exciting campaign she discusses is a last-minute, exclusively international campaign for Taylor Swift’s album launch! FYI had to activate over 200 influencers around the world, which took lots of attention to detail and late nights working around the clock.

She goes on to share some advice for businesses looking to engage influencers as well as for aspiring influencers looking to build their brand. This is a great chat for anyone looking to learn more about the world of brand and influencer marketing!

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