Mobile Marketer: Jimmy Kimmel Live Finesses Live Social Content with Geofencing, IBM Watson

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live drove an 81 percent return on engagement during a week of special performances in Brooklyn by geofencing the venue so it could capture and display social content shared by audience members without the need of hashtags.

The effort used the Ampsy platform to geofence the venue, capture content and display it on a custom Tumblr microsite. Ampsy, an IBM Watson strategic partner, also provided the analytics so the show could engage influential audience members in real-time with special content and perks, such as tickets to another show and access to a closing concert.
“Historically, you needed a hashtag to get this content,” said Jeremy S. Gocke, founder and CEO of Ampsy. “In the live moment, with the phone in your hand, you are not thinking about a hashtag, it is out of a site of out of mind.”
“We processed about 1,000 campaigns and found that about 80 percent of content was missing a hashtag,” he said. “They weren’t using it.”
“We were missing out on a significant amount of content.”
Engaging influential fans
Jimmy Kimmel Live used the Ampsy platform to geofence the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House during its weeklong broadcast from the venue last fall.
Members of the audience who posted from the show on social media were encouraged to visit a Tumblr microsite, find their picture or video and share it using the hashtag #Kimmel.
The team also engaged influential audience members in real-time via Twitter notifications with special content and perks using Ampsy’s analytics and audience engagement platform.

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