Sports Business Daily: Joint Ampsy-McPeek Partnership Will Develop Social Media Services For Sports Industries

Social geofencing and analytics provider Ampsy has developed a strategic partnership with Jeramie McPeek Communications to develop a variety of social media services for the sports and entertainment industries.

The two Phoenix-based outfits will collaborate on various projects to aggregate, develop and analyze social media content for various teams and events, with an initial planned joint project beginning later this month for the Houston Super Bowl LI Host Committee and the Super Bowl Live fan festival.

“There is a clear handoff opportunity for both companies,” said Ampsy Founder & CEO Jeremy Gocke. “We’re a technology platform, and Jeramie’s amazing at creating social content, and we can hand off clients to someone who’s deeply trusted in the industry.”

McPeek spent 24 years with the Suns, most recently as VP/Digital & Brand Strategy, before forming his own consulting firm, and has developed a reputation as an industry thought leader in the creation and execution of digital and social media strategies. Financial terms were not disclosed, but depending on the client, the partnership in some cases will involve a revenue sharing of joint billings in addition to co-marketing their services.

“I’ve been really impressed with what Ampsy can do,” McPeek said. “So often, you’re missing so much of a conversation around a given event because there’s a missing hashtag or something like that. But Ampsy’s geofencing capabilities really do a great job surfacing relevant content and helping to identify key influencers. There’s a lot we’re going to be able to do together.”

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Paige Soucie

Community Director at Ampsy. Lover of all things travel and fitness. On a mission to help businesses engage and activate customers.

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