VentureBeat: Fliptu Scoops up $1.2M to Help Brands Scoop up Fans’ Social Posts

Your posts about products and brands, collected and shown with others’, display the kind of brand enthusiasm that a marketer can’t buy. To make that kind of social aggregation more affordable for small-and-medium-size businesses (SMBs), Los Angeles-based Fliptu is today launching its new platform — and announcing $1.2 million in seed funding.

CEO and founder Jeremy Gocke told me that, in a previous life as a brand manager for dozens of brands, he found there’s “a gap between the low and high ends” of such tools.

At the low end, he came across individual plugins for web content platforms Drupal and WordPress, which he described as “an integration and support nightmare.”

At the high end, such products as Mass Relevance (now Spredfast)Wayin, and Livefyre “cater to the Fortune 500 in pricing and [required] expertise,” he said, with annual contracts and annual pricing in the tens of thousands of dollars.

“We wanted a solution that enabled us to create and manage all major types of social aggregation campaigns in one service” and in his price range, he said. “It didn’t exist.”

Fliptu is designed to be up and running in minutes, with an SMB pricing tier of $9 to $99/month/brand, based on the number of social feeds and refresh cycles. There are also higher levels for agencies and larger brands.

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Paige Soucie

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