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SportTechie: Ampsy, Bluemedia To Track Audience Emotion During Super Bowl LII

Every year, the Super Bowl brings us emotionally-charged moments. Last year’s game was chock-full of them as the New England Patriots climbed back from a 25-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons. This year, we can quantifiably measure audience emotion thanks to Ampsy and bluemedia. By combining Ampsy’s proprietary geofencing technology with bluemedia’s ability to create experiential activations, marketers can…

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BizBash: Event Technology Special Report: After the Event

When the last guest leaves an event, planners dive into the next phase of their work: evaluating the attendee experience and developing ideas to improve future events. Social listening combined with geofencing is one of the newest tools for gathering attendee feedback. In some cases it can provide a more authentic view of the attendee…

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