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5 Startup Myths & Giants that Proved Them Wrong

Myth #1: You need a groundbreaking new idea. If every successful business was a brand new idea, we would never see progress in any industry. Most new business ideas aren’t completely transformative, but rather they improve and innovate parts of an existing business model. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? took the painful process of ditching junk, made adjustments including the…

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MarTech Advisor: Ampsy and Find Your Influence Announce Partnership

Ampsy, a social media marketing company, has announced a partnership with Find Your Influence, an influencer marketing company. Both the companies are based out of Arizona, and the collaboration will help to deliver influencer marketing and hyperlocal analytics technology to experiential brands. Ampsy delivers social geofencing and analytics technology to agencies, brands, teams, and venues.…

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